Why Virtual IT?

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We are one of the larger MSPs in the UK

Founded in 2001 with the vision of providing a hassle – free experience with quality service enabling small to…

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We are online when you are

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you are travelling, burning the midnight…

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We are customer centric

Our customer satisfaction rating from our supported users for the first half of 2020 was 96.8%. this high level…

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Cohesive and long serving management team

Our Senior management team all have between 13 – 18 years’ service in their respective roles. Many of our…

What Our Clients Say

We have worked with Virtual IT since 2018. VIT’s help desk team, and our Account Manager John Healey – who always goes out of his way to support us – are always positive and quick to resolve any network, software or hardware issues. If there is an issue with support, there is always someone senior to step in and help. We grow together and find solutions going into the digital cloud future together.

Susanne Shi, Business Intelligence Officer, Jermyn Street Design

I’ve worked with Virtual IT for over 10 years, during which time they have given us excellent support over two platforms – Mac and PC. We have had three office moves all project managed fantastically by the team, with little to no downtime on each occasion – giving us unrivalled support during very stressful times. The day-to-day call centre team are very efficient, friendly and professional and offer round-the-clock support which is vital to the running of our business. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Virtual IT to anyone looking for a technology partner.

Sue Mapara, Operations Director, 3Fox Holdings

We’ve worked with Virtual IT for two years. From an exceedingly smooth and professional handover – which involved migration of our IP telephone system alongside new servers and hardware – to reliable day to day support, we have found Virtual IT to be an excellent technology partner for ICA. As a charity, we find their hybrid onsite and round-the-clock remote support a cost-effective IT solution.

Tom Campbell, Director of Operations & Visitor Services, Institute of Contemporary Arts

When Covid hit, PEI Media were able to make the decision to close all our offices in the UK, US and Far East, and transition seamlessly to home working with virtually no impact on our IT services. Virtual IT have designed, implemented and support our full cloud solution based on O365 and Azure AD. This solution gave us the flexibility for our staff to work remotely with no reliance on our office infrastructure while still maintaining central control and peace of mind that our systems were secure and fully supported

Neil Sayer, Head of Technology, PEI Media

I don’t think I’ve worked with a more pro-active, agile and pragmatic company since being at Specsavers.

Sarah Newth, Programme Manager, Specsavers

1. Think Customer

Virtual IT is a service delivery business, and our customers form the backbone or our organisation. They pay our salaries, bank roll our training, pay for our parties, facilitate the company dividend; We would not exist were it not for our customers. They affect every stake holder at every level of the business. While the service we deliver is technology based, these tools are an enabler for providing outstanding customer service and delivery. As such The Customer should always be at the forefront of every action we take.

2. Embrace Diversity

Homogenization is the death of innovation. Everyone in Virtual IT brings with them life experience that we can all learn and draw upon. Whether you are from Grimsby or Ghana, are cisgender or transgender, straight, gay or non-binary, an extrovert or an introvert; they enrich the lives of those around them and Virtual IT wants to capitalize on that to build a safe, healthy, inclusive and positive environment where they can flourish and excel as in doing so we will all prosper.

3. Work Smart

There is no denying that as an organisation working hard is what we do. Our focus though is always on Working Smart. This is not to say we should be rewarding short cuts and quick fixes but encouraging a measured and well thought out approach to challenges. Our collective productivity can never be faulted; however, it is all too easy to see an issue spiral out of control due to a lack of consideration and perspective, that could be more efficiently and effectively resolved if only a little more thought had been invested upfront. If nothing else, working smart means we may not actually need to work quite so hard to achieve our goals.

4. Build Success

Success in this context is not simply a case of fiscal strength. It can be more personal; perhaps success is defined by making a customer happy or learning a new skill. Maybe it is automating an issue resolution, so you and your colleagues don’t have to do something manually or delivering an initiative that makes everyone’s time at work a little bit happier. Maybe you have scoped out a solution or product set that will aid a client in their strategic development. The definition of success can be quite broad. How it can be achieved is generally quite specific though. It requires integrity, reliability, trust, understanding, teamwork, cooperation, effort and vision. We are not a lifestyle business, we still crave new victories and success and we will only achieve that by working together to achieve those goals.