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The premium provider of Cyber Security-first Managed IT Support, Cloud & Technology Services

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"Virtual IT have designed, implemented and support our full cloud solution based on O365 and Azure AD. This solution gave us the flexibility for our staff to work remotely with no reliance on our office infrastructure while still maintaining central control and peace of mind that our systems were secure and fully supported."
Neil Sayer
Head of Technology | PEI Media

We are proud to be trusted by over 700 established businesses and schools as their go-to technology partner

We work together with you to empower your people, defend your data, and propel your productivity forward, with our proactive, end-to-end and strategy-driven approach to managed IT services. We're different to other providers not just because of our systematic approach that strives for excellence, but also because we see cyber security as an opportunity. With Virtual IT, our clients enjoy advanced protection that safeguards and enhances their client and supplier relationships, alongside their reputation, growth, and access to lower insurance premiums. We are distinguished from other suppliers by combining empowering technology services with a cyber security-first approach.

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Helping you to be better protected, while achieving greater business benefits from your technology

As the world digitises, creating a secure, efficient and reliable digital ecosystem has never been more important for success. Our services are designed to maximise your productivity and opportunities, while minimising risks and disruptions with our state of the art IT solutions. We take a highly strategic and personalised approach, delivering commercially-aligned and fully tailored solutions packages, which empower your business to meet its needs and realise its vision for the future, securely. 

Cyber Security & Compliance

Our cyber security and compliance solutions give businesses a complete, multi-layered cyber security posture and the tools they need for compliance with data protection regulations and standards. Save time, gain peace of mind, and secure your business with Virtual IT. 

Digital Transformation

Our cloud solutions empower businesses to scale easily and efficiently. Deploy your data and services to the cloud, streamline your processes, and leverage AI, data analytics and cloud-platforms to amplify value, efficiency and cyber security.

Managed IT Support

Enjoy up-to-date IT solutions and support from a proactive and seasoned IT support provider. Monitor, maintain and upgrade your IT infrastructure to power the success and growth of your business, and enjoy 24/7, day-to-day IT support from a dedicated team.

Unified Communications

Streamline your communication tools and services into a unified and cost-effective system. Integrate your communication platforms with other tools to cultivate more efficiency, personalisation, and seamless workflows that drive value for your business and customers. 

It's time to achieve excellence with the help of technology. Want to see how? Get in touch today.

Your trusted security-first technology partner

We're technology partners that help businesses to enhance their security, compliance, competitive edge, and maintain and build excellent client relationships.

We bring a strategic, value-driven and bespoke approach to our IT services, enabling each of our unique clients to get the best from their technology. In everything that we do to empower our clients, we take a security-conscious approach. Whether you're looking to grow efficiently, unlock new capabilities with the help of technology, or achieve a robust cyber security and compliance posture, Virtual IT are a proven technology partner that you can depend upon.

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Cyber Security, Compliance & Data Privacy

Use Cyber Security to help retain customers, reduce costs, and grow.

Protecting the data of your business and the people it serves is increasingly an opportunity in our digital era. With the right measures in place, you can enhance trust, lower costs, and achieve compliant and secure growth. Our end-to-end compliance and cyber security solutions empower businesses to operate to their full technological potential, whilst enjoying peace of mind. We help your business identify compliance gaps and risks in relation to key regulations such as GDPR. Then, we’ll deploy tailored, managed tech solutions that hard-wire compliance into your business and enable you to demonstrate compliance to regulators. 

Tailored Cloud Solutions

Sharpen your competitive edge, achieve scalable growth, and reduce costs with cloud technology.

Cloud technologies stand to offer businesses huge improvements in their efficiency, security, decision-making, and quality of service. As practised cloud experts, Virtual IT can help your business get the best out of cloud technology; from planning and implementation, to cloud security and day-to-day monitoring and support, we will help you to realise the transformative potential of cloud computing to empower growth, efficiency, lower costs and security in your business. 

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IT Support Workers

Managed IT Support

Maximise efficiency and security and minimise costs and downtime, with fast, friendly and proactive IT support.

Every business relies on a wide variety of technology to serve their clients with efficiency and integrity. Our tailored and proactive end-to-end managed IT support services are designed to empower your people to do their best work while remaining secure. Our speedy support covers your whole infrastructure, including servers, applications, devices and network, helping them all to run at their best with regular monitoring, maintenance, and dedicated helpdesk support.

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To deliver a seamless experience for stakeholders at all levels, Virtual IT’s service is shaped as a partnership by design, integrating and aligning technology to the way you need to work. This all starts with a one-to-one conversation centred on your business, goals & challenges.

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