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Business Continuity

Empower your success with our cyber security-first business continuity solutions

Business disruption can take many forms and impact the invaluable reputation and relationships that your brand has built up over the years. Not only does business continuity protect these vital assets, but it also helps you to succeed with your clients and suppliers, as well as access opportunities such as lower insurance premiums. Our cyber-first approach empowers you to minimise risk, and maximise opportunity.

To empower your success and readiness for the unexpected, our business continuity services incorporate planning, procedure and technical measures to help you mitigate the impact of disruptive events and resume service in double quick time. With contingencies that span your entire IT infrastructure, we'll ensure your operations are able to run securely and smoothly, even under exceptional circumstances.

Minimise Disruptions

Disruptions take time and resources away from your workflows and processes. By minimising disruptions across your business using technology, you can drive value creation and efficiency, giving your business a competitive edge. 

Increase Productivity

Continuity is at the heart of productivity: ensure your people can continue delivering value and collaborate effectively, even when continuity is threatened by external or internal risks. Identify and mitigate risks to enhance continuity and productivity.

Lower Business Risks

Whether from cyber threats or human error, risks to business continuity can threaten your security, productivity and reputation. Business continuity solutions from Virtual IT take a proactive approach to risk management by eliminating or reducing the factors that threaten business resilience.

Strengthen Your Brand

Business continuity is deeply entwined with your brand’s reputation, relationships and success. Strengthen and maintain your brand with business continuity solutions that facilitate reliable service delivery even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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360° business continuity solutions

We deliver end-to-end business continuity solutions that minimise disruption, mitigate risk and eliminate downtime across your business. We understand that cyber security goes hand-in-hand with success for your business, as well as its clients and suppliers. Our continuity solutions are conscious of this, being designed to maximise opportunities, while minimising risks.

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Planning & risks

Map your territory, risks and the best IT solutions for your business.

Using our time-tested methodology, we’ll help you develop a business continuity plan that pays close attention to the risks and dependencies across your IT infrastructure. We can then prescribe a range of risk mitigation solutions, leveraging our partnerships with leading cyber security vendors to ensure you benefit from tailored, cost-appropriate solutions that work in harmony with your business.

Data protection & recovery

Keep vital information secure and compliant, with end-to-end data protection and recovery.

Virtual IT can help you to implement a robust range of protective measures that keep your data secure across your business. Alongside wide-ranging security solutions, our backup and recovery solution ensures your data can be retrieved in any eventuality, with multi-site recovery for added redundancy. We even monitor and test our backup solutions on an ongoing basis to guarantee continued reliability and performance.

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Continuous infrastructure

Create an IT environment that enables your business to operate in the most exceptional of circumstances.

Business continuity solutions help your business to continue communicating and delivering for clients during disruption and transitions. Virtualise your applications and systems for easier recovery and migrations, deploy monitoring and alerts across your network, easily onboard employees seamlessly onto new continuity solutions, and deploy your data and workflows onto secure cloud infrastructures that enable secure resource access from any location. 

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