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A game-changing security solution for businesses

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is an integrated security solution for businesses, enabling them to detect, monitor and respond effectively to security events and incidents across their networks. An SIEM platform uses intelligent algorithms to identify, flag up and analyse unusual patterns in network behaviour, alongside threat intelligence source integration that provides intel on existing and emerging cyber threats.

Offering holistic, intelligent and real-time threat detection and prevention, SIEM offers businesses next-level cyber security protection designed to counter the next generation of cyber threats.

Real-time Response

SIEM works in real-time across your network and beyond. With SIEM software, your network will be constantly scanned for cyber threats and suspicious activity, with automated responses allowing for immediate threat neutralisation. Following an incident, security event log information can be reviewed to guide security posture enhancements.

Detect & Thwart Threats

Your SIEM system has the ability to keep pace with emerging cyber threats thanks to AI-powered web monitoring that scours the internet for information on the latest online threat trends. This information is then leveraged to better anticipate threats and respond faster.

Visualise Your Cybersecurity

Understand your cyber security posture in real-time using one handy interface. Get insights into your security with an intuitive dashboard, and analyse security event logs to investigate unusual activities and risky behavioural patterns across your network.

Facilitate Compliance

SIEM generates detailed yet accessible incident reports that illustrate your cyber security posture and efforts, with communicable metrics that make it easy to demonstrate compliance. Build confidence in your cyber security efforts and make informed improvements with the benefit of context.

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Unleash the power of SIEM for your business

Our SIEM solutions feature state-of-the-art cyber security technology, providing a robust suite of protections that span your entire digital environment.

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Holistic real-time protection

Enjoy powerful network protection across your business.

SIEM solutions enable your business to detect and neutralise security threats to your network in real-time. Intelligent software continuously scans your network for anomalies, working alongside threat intelligence sources that provide up-to-the-minute information on emerging online threat activity.

Gain Cyber security oversight

Gain perspective, with security analysis that combines 'big picture' context with granular insights.

With real-time monitoring and reporting tools, SIEM enables businesses to gain insight into their overall security posture, network behavioural patterns and specific security incidents. Plug gaps in policies, procedures and technical defences with the benefit of insights that ensure security resources are being used to maximum effect.

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Easy incident management & compliance

Seamlessly manage incidents and utilise reporting tools for compliance.

With automated security event logging and rich reporting features, your SIEM system will make it easy to investigate breach activity and get to the root cause of incidents. Detail reports translate raw data into communicable insights, making it easy to demonstrate compliance. 

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