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Microsoft Azure

Securely tap into the full potential of the cloud with MS Azure

Powerful, scalable, flexible and intelligent, Microsoft Azure cloud services platform enables businesses to make big leaps in their efficiency, growth and scalability with a tailorable and flexible suite of cloud solutions. With Virtual IT's cutting-edge cloud security solutions, you can tap into these benefits with assured security and compliance. Take advantage of the game-changing power of AI, cost-effective and scalable cloud resourcing, and build, host and deploy efficient, secure and fast applications across the globe. Explore all this and much more with our Microsoft Azure services.

Virtualise Your IT

Run your applications and software on the cloud without needing to worry about buying and maintaining the hardware associated with it. Pay for what you use with more precise hosting costs.

Flexible Scalability

Scale your operations and services quickly and easily with on-demand cloud infrastructure that expands with your business. Enjoy continuous performance and efficient pricing with Microsoft Azure.

Leverage AI

From Azure's cognitive services and form recognizer, to its cyber security capabilities and experience personalizer, your business can streamline and enhance its workflows and services to do more, using less.

Cloud Security

Microsoft Azure's cloud services come with leading cyber security capabilities that protect your business from cyber threats. Tap into Azure's Security Centre for advanced threat protection and compliance tools.

Our security-first Microsoft Azure services

From start to finish, we take care to ensure that your business taps into the cloud's power with industry-grade protections in place, including robust access controls, advanced data encryption, virtual network segmentation, intelligent monitoring, and much more.

Whether you're considering Microsoft Azure as a new solution, or you're already an Azure customer and want support with optimising and using it to its full potential, Virtual IT can help. From planning and consulting, to migrations, managed cloud services and ongoing support, we can help you to extract the full range of benefits that Azure can offer to your business while providing a suite of market-leading protections.

Consulting & Planning

Every business should understand the use cases and benefits of cloud solutions. We’ll work closely to understand your needs and goals, how Azure could be applied to achieve them, whilst ensuring it is an ideal solution for your business. 

Cloud Migration

We can help your business undertake a smooth, secure and complete transition to hosting its services with Microsoft Azure, enabling you to hit the ground running with your new cloud computing solution. 

Managed Cloud Services

A full end-to-end Microsoft Azure solution. From implementation and maintenance, to security, performance-optimisation and infrastructure management, our managed services help you unlock the full potential of Azure.

Maintenance & Support

Looking for support and help with maintaining and optimising your cloud infrastructure? Virtual IT can help you with dedicated on-call support to help you to get the best from your Azure services. 

Scale seamlessly and securely with Microsoft Azure. Get in touch with Virtual IT today.

Scaling securely just got easier

Many businesses are acquiring a competitive edge by leveraging intelligent cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure. Enjoy highly-scalable, responsive and cost-effective solutions and new intelligent capabilities that enhance value creation and efficiency across the world with Microsoft Azure.

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Cost-effective scaling

Take the inefficiencies and complexities out of scaling, with Azure.

The days of traditional IT are over. Azure enables businesses to say goodbye to slow, sub-optimal and hard to manage infrastructure by virtualising it securely on the cloud. Pay for what you use, scale your services and infrastructure with ease, and streamline your IT with Microsoft Azure.

Unlock new cyber-secure capabilities

Tap into AI, threat intelligence, robust cybersecurity, and much more.

With its range of AI-powered capabilities and infrastructure, Azure offers businesses the ability to empower their apps and APIs with AI-driven capabilities, including chatbots, cyber security measures, machine learning models, form processing automation, and more. 

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Dedicated, expert support

Your partner for unlocking Azure's potential for your business.

From ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting, to consultancy and implementing new cloud projects, Virtual IT can help you to get the best from Microsoft Azure. Drive profitable growth in your business and expand your capabilities with the help of a dedicated technology partner.

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