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Compliance & Data Privacy

Empower compliance and digital opportunity with a cyber security-first technology partner

Harnessing technology to protect your data and achieve compliance is not just about lowering risk, it also enhances and retains access to opportunities. By helping you to secure your data and assure compliance, not only will your business be able to continue building upon its hard-fought reputation, it will also be able to win new clients, protect its clients and suppliers, and protect its cash and assets. We see compliance and data protection as a two-sided coin, by minimising risk and achieving compliance, you can empower opportunity.

Virtual IT takes the stress and uncertainty out of achieving compliance and data protection, enabling your business to focus on core activities that deliver results and growth.

Map Compliance Gaps & Risks

It can be hard for businesses to internally assess their compliance and data protection posture. With Virtual IT, you get an impartial, external evaluation of your data protection efforts, allowing your to identify gaps in controls and policy, and move forward with confidence.

Monitor & Enhance Compliance

We cannot control what we are unaware of. Gain clarity and insight across your network with real-time intelligent network solutions that monitor compliance with data protection and cybersecurity policies across your business.

Protect Your Data From Threats

Data breaches carry severe financial, reputational and legal risks for businesses of all sizes, with 60% of businesses closing within 6 months of a successful cyber attack. Ensuring that sensitive data is protected throughout your business is a matter of survival.

Protect Your Reputation

Business compliance failures and cyber attacks often make front-page news, spreading fast among both the public and industry networks resulting in costly reputational harm. With the help of technology, businesses can effectively mitigate against the majority of cyber threats and ensure compliance obligations are upheld.

Strategic Compliance & Data Privacy Solutions

Our compliance & data privacy solutions help your business ensure its cyber security and compliance needs are met across the board. From holistic risk assessments and tailored solution planning, to direct implementation and user awareness training, Virtual IT can support your business in achieving its compliance and data protection objectives.

Compliance & Cyber Security Assessment

We help you to get a full picture of your compliance and cyber security posture with a holistic, in-depth assessment across your systems and networks. By mapping gaps and risks, your business can take effective measures that achieve data privacy and compliance. 

Compliance Planning & Implementation

Virtual IT can support you to create policies, processes and technical solutions that ensure compliance with regulations and data protection requirements. After creating a plan, we can use our expertise to execute it and onboard your team with their new compliance solutions.

Compliance Monitoring & Insights

Align your people, processes and technology with a holistic monitoring and insights platform that gives you valuable live intelligence into your business’s compliance with internal policies and industry regulations throughout your network. 

User Awareness Training

Make your team your greatest security and compliance asset with User Awareness Training. We can train and onboard your users with any new plans, processes and measures, giving them the knowledge they need to fully comply with your policies.

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Cyber Security-first compliance & data privacy services

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Tailored Compliance

Solutions tailored to your industry, regulations and needs.

From GDPR and PCI CSS to ISO 27001, we help businesses achieve compliance with domestic and global compliance regulations and standards, including sector-specific frameworks like HIPAA. Our support is totally tailored to your business, helping you fit your technology around your processes, needs and goals, rather than the other way around. 

Secure your data

End-to-end data protection that hard wires data privacy and compliance into your IT.

Our holistic data protection solutions leverage a range of tailored tools and security controls to provide secure and compliant data protection mechanisms. From endpoint threat detection and network firewalls to next-gen data backup and encryption, let Virtual IT configure and manage the technical controls you need to lock down your sensitive information. 


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Demonstrate compliance with ease

Manage and mitigate risks to your data with compliance monitoring and reporting.

Monitor organisational compliance with data protection policies across your network, and enjoy reporting features that enable you to demonstrate compliance with clarity and ease. Leverage data-driven insights to enhance your data privacy measures, and make your compliance journey one of continuous improvement.


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