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Security First Premium +

Premium + security with Virtual IT

How will this improve
my business?

  1. Peace of mind, knowing that you have enterprise level security, secure online and application access, and enhanced protection for your email and online surfing.

  2. Knowing that you have unfettered access to highly competent IT and Cyber Security experts analysing and stopping threats as they happen, rather than after an event.

  3. The confidence that comes from a consistently valuable experience of working with professionals that genuinely understand your business and are aligned with your goals.
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Some of the key components of our Premium + service include?

‘Security First, Premium Plus’ is one of our more advanced cyber secure, managed IT Services. Naturally it includes all the fundamental components included in the Essentials & Premium, but this package really takes it up a gear, providing more enterprise level protection around website access, Ransomware, user awareness training, email security and protected around the clock by Cyber Security Analysts that can intervene and stop a threat from becoming a breach.

Additions to the Premium package:

  • Enterprise Level User awareness training to educate users in how to detect threats and what to do.
  • Website & Content Filtering, to protect users from malicious websites and inappropriate content.
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Cybersecurity image of employees - Virtual IT IT Support London
  • Ransomware protection, which protects against one of the most common and damaging forms of cyber-attacks.
  • Enhanced Email Security that protects and removes email bound virus’s, spam and malicious weblinks.
  • 24 x 7 Cyber Security specialists using early monitoring systems to identify, as it happens, breaches and infection, such that they can immediately intervene and stop the attack.
  • Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments with trending analysis and reporting to protect your environment and websites from attack.