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User Awareness Training

Make your people your greatest cyber security asset

Your people are an invaluable layer of protection for your business against cyber threats, as they are often targeted by malicious actors to gain access to your internal networks and data. By applying user awareness training in your business, you can ensure that your hard-earned reputation is protected, and demonstrate to existing and new clients alike that their data and your operations are cyber-secure.
User Awareness Training (UAT) equips your people with the skills and knowledge that they need to effectively detect and react to common and sophisticated social engineering attacks by cyber criminals.

Raise Awareness

Most cyber breaches originate with end user error or compliance with malicious instructions, making employees a vital line of defence in any organisational cyber security strategy. Ensure your team are cyber threat savvy by raising awareness of common risks and engendering a culture of cyber security vigilance.

Simulate Threats

Test your employees with simulated threats designed to evaluate awareness and learning outcomes. Deliver insights and coaching to your team to improve cyber security awareness and best practice implementation across your business. 

Track Your Progress

Track the progress of your team’s learning on an intuitive interface and ensure that user awareness training modules are completed. Monitor the human element of your cyber security posture, with metrics that help visualize learning and awareness progress over time.

Bite-sized Resources

Fit training around busy schedules with concise yet effective training exercises. Users benefit from tailored training programmes that reflect threat simulation and learning module outcomes, ensuring time and resources are channeled into areas that need improvement.

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Transform your cyber security posture, with our user awareness training solutions

Our User Awareness Training solutions are designed to make your people one of your greatest cyber security assets. By educating and empowering users with a measurable solution, we give businesses confidence that their networks will not be compromised by human error.

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Empower your people, protect your customers

Protect your reputation and promote best practices in your team.

Your end users will be empowered to become the strongest link in your cyber security chain, helping your business to operate safely and compliantly. Showcase your credentials as the cyber-secure partner of choice to suppliers and clients. 

User awareness training from Virtual IT equips employees with the skills, knowledge and confidence to detect and counter social engineering based cyber threats, with awareness and best-practice guidance at the heart of the learning experience.

Testing & reporting

Ingrain best practices with simulated attacks and valuable feedback.

Using simulated attack campaigns, our training tests your team’s likely response to threats without subjecting your network to any risk. These simulations are a great, hands-on way to demonstrate the manipulative techniques employed by attackers, and by assessing user performance future learning can be tailored to focus on areas where knowledge is lacking.

In time, knowledge gained will translate into entrenched cyber secure user behaviours that defend the interests of your business. 

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Track learning progress across your team via the intuitive monitoring interface.

Track training completion across onboarded users and review simulated attack results to get a clear picture of how your UAT initiatives are impacting your cyber security posture. Get an overall measure of your team’s progress in a handy dashboard that succinctly displays learning outcomes using key metrics. 

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