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Security First Enterprise

Enterprise security with Virtual IT

How will this improve
my business?

  1. Peace of Mind: You can rest easy knowing that you have enterprise-level security, secure online and application access, and enhanced protection for your email and online activities. Your data, mobile devices, and email communications are all safeguarded.

  2. Access to Advanced Cyber Security Experts: You have unfettered access to our Premier Helpdesk and expert Cyber Security professionals who can quickly assess risks and proactively block attacks across all platforms.

  3. Confidence in Professional Expertise: Working with professionals who truly understand your business and align with your goals provides consistent and valuable experiences, boosting your confidence in the security of your systems.
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Advanced security with our Enterprise package

‘Security First, Enterprise’ is our most advanced cyber secure, managed IT Service. Naturally, it includes all the fundamental components included in the Essentials, Premium & Premium Plus. The Enterprise package is the Titanium standard of security and includes Data Loss Protection, Mobile Device Management, outbound email protection, an Enterprise level SOC (Security Operation Centre) and our Premier Support desk designed for larger clients with more bespoke requirements.

The package includes the following additions:

  • Data Loss Prevention: This security solution identifies and prevents unsafe or inappropriate sharing, transfer, or use of sensitive data.
  • Mobile Device Management: As your service provider, we can control access to your data regardless of the device used and remotely wipe or block access if necessary.
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  • Outbound Email Protection: You gain control over all outbound emails, ensuring secure transit, delivery to the correct inbox, and control over who can access the email and for how long.
  • Enterprise-Level Security Operations Center (SOC): Our SOC actively monitors your IT environment, detecting and stopping security threats in real-time to prevent costly breaches.
  • Monthly Vulnerability Assessments: We perform assessments and provide trend analysis and reporting to protect your environment and websites from attacks.
  • Premier Helpdesk: You receive personalized support from our knowledgeable team who have intimate knowledge of your company and environment.