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Digital Transformation

"We have had three office moves all project managed fantastically by the team, with little to no downtime on each occasion."
Sue Mapara
Operations Director, 3Fox Holdings

Transforming your business with cloud and security services

Many IT projects fail to achieve their intended goals because of the technical, organisational and human complexity that is often involved. This can result in a loss of productivity, resources and energy long after the project has finished. It's also important to factor in the crucial importance of ensuring that the moving pieces are conducted securely to maintain the trust and integrity of your business, its clients and its suppliers.

With a technology partner possessing wide-ranging technical competencies and extensive project management experience, you can address the 'big picture' challenges whilst also harnessing the technical details to deliver the project securely and successfully. The result: IT projects that deliver on their aims and yield measurable benefits for your business and its stakeholders.

Align Stakeholders

Issues with aligning and coordinating stakeholders can cause disruption that send waves across the project, creating delays, frustrations and inefficiencies. Virtual IT can help you harmonise and coordinate structures to drive project progress as planned.

Minimise Disruption

Gaps in planning, coordination and execution of a project lead to stumbles and disruption that can heighten costs and delays across the board. With a holistic and strategic approach, potential disruptions can be anticipated and prepared for, setting the stage for trouble-free project delivery.

Achieve Your Goals

Projects that run over time and budget can have a damaging knock-on effect on your growth plans and strategic ambitions. With projects that run on-time, on-budget, and deliver on their promises, you can drive your business towards its objectives without having to revisit failed, flawed or underperforming schemes.

Measure Success

Confidence in projects can be undermined by challenges in measuring project deliverables, which in-turn, can cause confusion, misalignments and delays. With reliable and robust measures from the start, businesses can measure the progress and value of their IT projects and ensure they are really moving the needle.

Tailored digital projects that drive strategic value

We are technology strategists that blend the concrete technical details with a strategic perspective, harnessing them to help you to advance your vision in a secure way. If your projects are stuck, or are not creating the value and transformation that you envisioned, then get in touch with Virtual IT to get bespoke IT project services that drive impactful change in your business.

Project Planning

We can help you with all aspects of planning, from scoping, benchmarking, crafting project plans and identifying stakeholders, to finding technology solutions that best support the achievement of your project deliverables and success criteria. 

Stakeholder Alignment

Virtual IT can identify, manage and coordinate project stakeholders to orchestrate the project smoothly for your business. We have deep experience in engaging a range of stakeholders and proactively communicating with them to deliver an aligned implementation. 

Project Management

From end-to-end, we can manage your IT project to ensure it runs successfully. Get all-inclusive, expertise-driven project support that encompasses planning, resource and risk management, stakeholder management and project documentation and reporting. 

Measurement & Reporting

We understand that you want to be able to see and measure the value and progress of your projects with ease. With Virtual IT, you’ll enjoy data-rich project reports that flag valuable opportunities that emerge alongside any lessons learned.

Want to bring out the best possibilities for your projects? Get in touch with Virtual IT today.

Digital transformations that accelerate your business

With a wealth of proven IT project experience and certifications, you can rely on Virtual IT to deliver your IT projects as planned. Avoid waste, disruption, uncertainty and delays and discover the game-changing value that managed IT projects by Virtual IT can deliver. Our cyber security-first approach ensures that everything from planning and documentation, to solution design and execution are undertaken in a way that assures the protection of your assets and reputation throughout the process.

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Deliver IT projects seamlessly

Smoothen and secure your IT project delivery with strategic, responsive and technical project management support.

At Virtual IT, we weave together the threads that comprise your IT project into a seamless whole that aligns stakeholders, technologies and project deliverables, resulting in a smooth implementation process for your business. Alongside delivering exceptional value, another key goal of ours is to make IT projects as painless as possible. Disruptions inevitably occur in projects, but with holistic and technically-proficient project partners, they can be navigated with ease and clarity for an optimal implementation experience. 

A dedicated project partner

Here with you each step of the way.

As IT project partners, Virtual IT take a proactive and dedicated approach to working with clients to ensure they get the best from their projects. From the start, we tailor our working relationship to your needs and expectations and will be on hand to discuss your project. Enjoy regular updates and reports, plus accessible, friendly and honest support, with an agile IT project partner that can help your business exploit new opportunities throughout the implementation process. 

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Cyber-secure projects that realise your strategic vision

IT projects that drive value across your business.

Your IT projects are the keys to realising a value-driven IT strategy. With holistic IT project support that connects the dots between your technology, culture, processes and people, you can deliver defined and aligned projects that deliver measurable returns for your business. 

With Virtual IT, we take all of the steps needed to ensure all risks are addressed and that a securely designed solution is implemented. You’ll be kept informed and reassured at every stage of delivery, with KPI-focused project status updates that illustrate progress, and detailed reports that demonstrate the meaningful impact the changes are having on your business.  

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