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Modern workplace

"Virtual IT have designed, implemented and support our full cloud solution based on O365 and Azure AD."
Neil Sayer
Head of Technology, PEI Media

Drive success with our cyber-secure modern workplace solutions

Modern workplace solutions are about empowering your people to do their best work with the help of technology. And in a digital age where many opportunities for disruptions exist, having a reliable and highly cyber-secure digital environment is also critical when it comes to lowering costs, maintaining trust, winning business, and ensuring compliance. Whether it's vendor and asset management, network updates, server migrations, or implementing and configuring new applications and systems, Virtual IT stands ready to provide holistic modern workplace support that unlocks efficiencies and opportunities, whilst driving down costs and risks for your business.

With the right technology, businesses can catalyse changes that transform how they operate and serve their clients while maintaining a best-in-class cyber security posture. As proven technology partners, we can help you to realise these benefits with bespoke solutions that support your processes and projects from start to finish.

Remote Work Solutions

Looking to capitalise on the remote work revolution? Our remote-capable solutions are designed to ensure your remote teams remain effective, engaged and productive. We can tailor class-leading remote work solutions around your workflows and apply all the necessary protections to keep your data secure and compliant.

Streamline Operations

Unify your people, technology and workflows in perfect harmony and scale new heights of efficiency across your business. Eliminate obstacles to streamlining your operations so that your team can focus on activities that drive value and growth for your business.

Digital Transformation

Seeking to upgrade your business using digital technology? Virtual IT can help. Implementing digital transformations can be daunting; we take the stress and uncertainty out of the process and enable your business to gain a competitive edge using best-in-class technology.

Advanced Security

Modern workplaces need effective cyber security measures to minimise risk and to access new opportunities. We can help you to implement cutting-edge cybersecurity measures across your network, enabling greater productivity, ensuring compliance and giving you peace of mind.

Embrace digital transformation and fuel your success

Modernise your workplace with innovative cloud-based solutions that foster close collaboration, enable flexible ways of working and support business growth.

Managed Workplace

Virtual IT can empower your employees to get the best from the devices, services and applications that they use for work. We rationalise your complex systems into a holistic managed solution that maintains, optimises and secures your IT assets across your business. 

IT Strategy Support

Not sure about the best technology solutions for your business? We can help. Leveraging our multi-disciplinary expertise, we can help you compare where your IT is now with where you want it to be, and prescribe best-fit solutions and services to achieve the required transformation.  With holistic IT strategy support from Virtual IT, you can move forward with clarity and confidence. 

Remote Working

Unlock secure remote working capabilities for your teams so that they can work flexibly even when they are away from the office. This can include cloud adoption, VPNs, virtual network management solutions, mobile device management solutions, and much more. 

Advanced Cyber Security

With our end-to-end cyber security solutions, your business will enjoy comprehensive protection and be able to demonstrate compliance with confidence. Fully-managed and ever-evolving, our security stack is designed to provide ‘behind-the-scenes’ protection that won’t impact your workflow.

Seeking to modernise your workplace? Get in touch with Virtual IT today.

Empowering workplace productive technology, underpinned by a Cyber Security-first approach

We are dedicated to helping businesses tap into the power of modern technology so that they can operate at their best. Our modern workplace solutions help businesses to continue operating securely, whilst offering strategic solutions that enhance productivity. Our systematic focus on ensuring that all aspects of your workplace are both secure and productive, gives your business the ability to drive its success, win new business and maintain the trust of clients and stakeholders alike.

IT Support Virtual IT USP

More than maintenance

Forward-thinking support that drives your growth.

Our 360° modern workplace solutions are not just about ensuring a reliable, quality IT experience for your team with dedicated support; we believe this is crucial, but also that it forms a foundation for creating transformations that empower the growth of your business. With Virtual IT, you will also have an IT partner that gets to know your business and its goals deeply, and introduces new solutions that drive value across your business. 

A 360° modern workplace solution

Enjoy guidance, support, security and upgrades with Virtual IT.

From your users, devices and applications to your servers, cabling and networks, we are a leading go-to technology partner that helps businesses get the most from their technology while keeping it secure and reliable. Get day-to-day support with managing, maintaining and monitoring your IT infrastructure, whilst aligning it with your people and processes to cultivate a state-of-the-art modern workplace experience. 

IT Support Virtual IT Holiday Support
Who we are Virtual IT who we work with

Tailored and secure modern workplace solutions

Customised modern workplace solutions that match your business.

You may already have an in-house IT support team and may just need some help plugging gaps in your capabilities, or perhaps you’re looking to fully outsource your IT so you can focus on driving your business forward. No matter the scale or scope of the support you require, we’ll work with you to create a tailored offering that suits your needs, budget and the quirks of your business. You can  rely on Virtual IT’s expertise and experience to deliver a cost-effective and secure solution that meets your requirements while offering exceptional return on investment.

Our other complementary IT services

For clients who have their own expert, in-house IT function, but who still require additional assistance on certain issues on a regular basis, we are pleased to offer various complementary IT services.

General advisory services

First line support

Holiday cover

Monitoring services

Offsite backup

Software implementation & management

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