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Cyber Security

"The day-to-day call centre team are very efficient, friendly and professional and offer round-the-clock support which is vital to the running of our business."
Sue Mapara
Operations Director, 3Fox Holdings

Our approach to achieving a mature cyber security posture

With Virtual IT, your business can enjoy a powerful, scalable, and cost-efficient cyber security solutions that offers intelligent real-time threat detection and prevention capabilities that can protect your business from both common and sophisticated cyber threats alike.

Enjoy peace of mind and seamless security that empowers your business to focus on its core-value activities.

Advanced Protection

Enjoy 24/7 monitoring across your network and systems, an intelligent system that sources intel from threat intelligence sources and responds in real-time to security events and anomalies, in addition to detailed incident management and reporting features.

Detect Cyber Threats

We cannot prevent what we cannot detect. With endpoint security solutions from Virtual IT, you can comprehensively detect and address cyber threats that are attempting to access your network before they can cause harm.

Scalable Security

Enjoy scalable technology solutions and security services from Virtual IT that adapt closely to your business’s size, complexity and needs in a cost-effective way. Benefit from advanced, continuous protection as your business continues to grow.

Empower Your People

Cyber threat actors often exploit poor user security awareness to gain entry to data and systems. By empowering your people to use their devices securely, you can make your people a key cyber security asset in your business.

Your complete cyber security-first partner

We offer a variety of tailored cyber security solutions designed to fit around your business and its unique requirements.

Compliance & Data Privacy


Endpoint Protection

User Awareness Training

Business Continuity

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Need a security-first, strategically led IT Support Partner? Get in touch with Virtual IT today.

Premium and tailored Cyber Security services

Protecting the data of your business and the people it serves is increasingly an opportunity in our digital era. With the right measures in place, you can enhance trust, lower costs, and achieve compliant and secure growth. Our end-to-end compliance and cyber security solutions empower businesses to operate to their full technological potential, whilst enjoying peace of mind.

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Endpoint Protection

Network protection for your business & reputation.

There are many types of devices that have access to your network that can be used as potential entry points for those seeking to compromise your business. However, with a cyber security first technology partner, you can protect your reputation, ensure the confidence of clients and suppliers, access more predictable and lower insurance premiums, and ultimately, empower your business’s success.

Compliance & Data Privacy

Empower compliance and digital opportunity with a cyber security-first technology partner.

Harnessing technology to protect your data and achieve compliance is not just about lowering risk, it also enhances and retains access to opportunities. By helping you to secure your data and assure compliance, not only will your business be able to continue building upon its hard-fought reputation, it will also be able to win new clients, protect its clients and suppliers, and protect its cash and assets. We see compliance and data protection as a two-sided coin, by minimising risk and achieving compliance, you can empower opportunity.

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User Awareness Training

Make your people your greatest cybersecurity asset.

Your people are an invaluable layer of protection for your business against cyber threats, as they are often targeted by malicious actors to gain access to your internal networks and data. By applying user awareness training in your business, you can ensure that your hard-earned reputation is protected, and demonstrate to existing and new clients alike that their data and your operations are cyber-secure.

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