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Security First Essentials

Security First Essentials with Virtual IT

How will this improve
my business?

  1. Peace of mind, knowing that you have a good baseline of security that will prevent most common cyber-attacks and that your users can now surf the internet and access your cloud based applications securely.

  2. Knowing that you have unfettered access to highly competent IT experts that care and can solve your issues rapidly and that this support is also available 24 x 7.

  3. The confidence that comes from a consistently valuable experience of working with professionals that genuinely understand your business and are aligned with your goals.
Collaboration in the office between employees - Virtual IT IT Support London

Some of the key components of our Essentials service include?

  • User awareness training that educates users on how to detect threats and what to do.
  • Regular Phishing simulations to help your staff get accustomed to phishing techniques used by online criminals.
  • Specialist phishing detection and alerting software that alerts users to the presence of potentially harmful emails.
  • The latest in Antimalware protection, not to be confused with consumer grade Antivirus software.
  • Full cloud backups of your Microsoft estate for recovery purposes should you lose data or have it stolen.
Virtual IT Office Shot
Basic Cloud Virtual IT - Security First Essentials
  • 24 x 7 Cyber Security Incident Response – specialist & immediate help in the event of an attack.
  • £100k of breach warranty – to help pay for the cost of an attack.
  • Proactive computer/mobile/device security monitoring and alerting, ensuring continued security of your user hardware.
  • Vulnerability assessment and reporting on areas of weaknesses, coupled with recommended fixes.
  • Backed up with a Premium UK helpdesk for business hours support.

…all rolled into a simple per user monthly bill…and this is what we call our Essentials offering. Can you imagine how comprehensive our other packages are?