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Security First Managed Services

Security-first services with Virtual IT

From non-profits to complex regulated enterprises, our Cyber Security-first IT Support spans four tiers to suit diverse needs. Whether it's basic digital protection for small organisations or bespoke solutions for intricate security demands, we ensure every entity gets the right balance of protection, compliance, and accessibility tailored to its unique footprint.



Premium +



is the service designed for?

Small organisations, whether commercial or non-profit, with minimal reliance on digitally-held data and IT for their day-to-day operations.

Sector-diverse companies and organisations that require cyber defences with a level of compliance adherence, combined with on-demand support for IT issues.

Regulated and compliance-driven sectors that handle sensitive data, which require all the more comprehensive and robust security measures.

Organisations with the most intricate and complex requirements of data protection and cyber security.


does it help?

Provides most fundamental cyber protection and IT service at an accessible price point.

Provides tools for secure access and compliance, balancing an increased level of cyber defence and data protection, matched with affordability.

Delivering extensive security protections, combined with proactive monitoring to not only react and remedy, but proactively detect and mitigate against potential threats.

Provides class-leading security tools and services that are configured and supported to meet the utmost requirements of sensitive networks.


does it comprise of?

The essential cyber protection tools for your devices, users and network - backed by our IT Support Helpdesk service.

Services that defend your data and secure your network, while making access for your teams' more secure and effortless; combined with the safety net of round-the-clock IT Support when you need it.

Comprehensive perimeter defences, filtering and monitoring of threats by industry-leading services that are configured to meet the most rigorous of compliance requirements.

Total perimeter defences including mobile devices, combined with monitoring and filtering of data both into and out of the network.

A comparison of our service offering




Premium +



2 Factor Authentication

End-Point Encryption

Cyber Security Training

Advanced Training

Phishing Simulation

Password Management

Leaked Password Scanning

Threat & Content Filtering

Ransomware Protection

Data Loss - Prevention


Managed Firewall
(case by case)

Phishing Alerts

Email Security level 1

Email Security Level 2 - Mimecast

Mobile Device Management

Outbound Email Protection

Detect &

Next Generation - AntiVirus

Extended Detection & Response

24x7 limited SOC

24x7 Full SOC


Backup - 1 year retention

Backup - Infinite retention

Security - Incident Response


Device Compliance monitoring

Application Control/Updating

Privileged Access Mgt


Vulnerability Assessment

Qtr. Vulnerability Assessment

Mthly. Vulnerability Trending


Single Sign On

Managed Support

Premium Helpdesk Support

Add: Follow the Sun Support

Premier Helpdesk

Add Ons


Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials+ Certification

Penetration Testing

For more information about which service and solution you require and how we can help you, please feel free to book in a consultation call or if you’d just like to know more about the individual perks of the packages, choose from one of the buttons below.