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Cyber Security Services Essex

"As a charity, we find their hybrid onsite and round-the-clock remote support a cost-effective IT solution."
Tom Campbell
Director of Operations, Institute of Contemporary Arts

Tailored Cyber Security Solutions for Essex's SMEs

Enterprise-grade protection, fitted to your business.

Cyber security is not just about minimising risks, its an opportunity that can give your business competitive advantages. Having robust cyber security in place protects and enhances your customer and commercial relationships, empowers compliance, growth, and ability to stay operational no matter the weather. It can also help your business to bid for new contracts more competitively, as well as access lower cyber insurance premiums. 

With decades of experience in cloud security, our cyber security first approach offers a holistic, multi-layered shield that protects your business and data with enterprise-grade protection. Transform your business into a cyber security leader in Essex by getting in touch with Virtual IT today. 

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Our Cyber Security Solutions In A Nutshell

We help businesses in Essex and beyond to tap into the power of robust cyber security using a range of tools and methods which come together to protect your people, processes and technology from vulnerabilities. We do this using monitoring tools, training, intelligent threat detection tools, and much more.

Advanced Protection

We implement 24/7 monitoring across your network using an intelligent system that sources data from threat intelligence sources. This system responds in real time to security events and anomalies, while also offering advanced reporting and incident management features.

Detect Cyber Threats

We cannot prevent what we cannot detect. With our endpoint and network security solutions from, you can comprehensively detect and address cyber threats that are attempting to compromise your devices and network before they can cause harm.

Scalable Security

Get security that scales seamlessly with your business. We can adapt our cyber security solutions to your business's size and unique needs, providing a powerful yet cost-effective solution for SMEs and non-profits alike.

Empower Your People

In cyber security, users are often the weakest link in a business's security posture, with most incidents being linked to user error. We offer user awareness training that transforms your people into your most powerful cyber security asset.

Essex's Complete Cyber Security-First Partner

We offer a variety of tailored cyber security solutions designed to fit around your business and its unique requirements.


Compliance & Data Privacy

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

User Awareness Training

Endpoint Protection

Need a security-first, strategically led IT Support Partner? Get in touch with Virtual IT today.

Cyber Secure IT Services in Essex

Protecting the data of your business and the people it serves is increasingly an opportunity in our digital era. With the right measures in place, you can enhance trust, lower costs, and achieve compliant and secure growth. Our end-to-end compliance and cyber security solutions empower businesses to operate to their full technological potential, whilst enjoying peace of mind.

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Endpoint Protection

Secure Your Workplace and Network Devices From Cyber Threats

Your organisation uses a range of devices to complete its work and to run its digital services, including laptops, servers and routers. Our endpoint protection solutions are designed to secure all of your workplace devices including devices that are used for remote working, ensuring that they are free from compromise. 

Compliance and Data Privacy

Empower Compliance With Your Data Protection Requirements

Maintaining compliance with data protection requirements goes hand in hand with robust cyber security for your business. Our solutions are designed to help your business to comply with regulations such as GDPR, and make your business eligible for certification under the Cyber Essentials scheme. By working with your business to protect its data and ensure compliance, you will protect your reputation and operations, and be able to show an outstanding commitment to cyber security with your stakeholders.

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Security-First IT Support

Protect Your Data, Operations and Reputation

We offer cyber security-first IT Support services to businesses across Essex as part of our service packages, which offer deep protection for your IT environment while keeping it running at its best. This support includes cyber-secure IT support for Microsoft 365 environments, monitoring, maintenance and remediation for your workplace and infrastructure devices, and network optimisation and maintenance.  

Network Security and Threat Detection Systems

Prevent Cyber Security Threats and Respond to Them in Real Time

Our threat detection and response systems use advanced AI-driven tools to keep your whole IT environment secure from network and data breaches. They scan your environment and the world wide web in real time to detect threats as they emerge and respond to them, enabling your business to detect and prevent cyber security threats before they have the chance to cause disruption. 

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