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Stay Safe at Christmas Webinar

Join us and Ex Detective Seargent, Adam Pilton, for a Christmas themed 'stay safe at Christmas' webinar

Turning the Tables on Cyber Grinches This Festive Season!

Ah, the pleasures of the holiday season—festive decorations, twinkling lights, and the warmth of gatherings. Yet, amid the joy, there are digital mischief-makers weaving schemes in the virtual shadows. It's a time to be cheerful, indeed, but also a season when Cyber Criminals, like modern-day Scrooges, hatch plans to disrupt our peace.

So, while you enjoy the holiday spirit—whether it's sipping a warm drink by the fireplace or navigating bustling streets adorned with lights—be mindful that Cyber Criminals are wrapping their schemes around the virtual chimney of your digital presence. It's a landscape filled with opportunities to exploit the distractions and goodwill that come with this time of year.

Stay Safe at Christmas Webinar

Don't let Cybercrime ruin your festive season...

Virtual IT warmly extends an invitation for you to join our much-anticipated "Stay Safe at Christmas" Webinar—an exclusive virtual gathering that promises to unravel real-life cybercrime stories. This engaging event features our distinguished special guest, former Detective Sergeant Adam Pilton, who brings a wealth of expertise to shed light on the intricate world of cybersecurity. As we navigate through this webinar, we will delve into the current landscape of cyber challenges, providing insights that go beyond the surface to empower you with a comprehensive understanding. Detective Sergeant Pilton will draw from his firsthand experiences, offering practical measures to enhance your digital safety during the festive season and beyond.

Stay Safe at Christmas Webinar

So what you can Expect!

  • Understanding the Threat: Learn about the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks, especially targeting small businesses.

  • Securing Your Hardware: Discover simple steps to safeguard your computers and thwart cybercriminals.

  • Growth through Accreditation: Understand how Cyber Security Accreditations not only protect but also contribute to business growth.

  • Protecting Your Reputation: Explore how keeping your hardware up-to-date and secure safeguards your business reputation.

  • Cyber Essentials vs. Cyber Essentials Plus: Uncover the differences and benefits of each certification.

  • Virtual IT’s Offer: Learn about the exclusive benefits that come with Cyber Essentials Certification through Virtual IT.

  • Q&A Session: Pose your burning questions to our experts and receive personalised advice on securing your organisation.

Paul Davis

Keep your business

Merry and Secure this


Join us at this exclusive event to fortify your business as we approach the year’s end and beyond. Safeguard your operations from digital threats, ensuring a seamless and secure continuation of your day-to-day activities. This webinar acts as a proactive measure, equipping you with the knowledge needed to help you protect your businesses.

Stay Safe at Christmas Webinar